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Travel Insurance

Do you want to use our group Travel Insurance arranged through Endsleigh? For European tours we include it as standard in our pricing and it can only be removed at your specific written request. For non-European tours it is optional and quoted separately. Please note, if you take out travel insurance with us this is non-refundable so please do check before you add it to your tour whether your school has an equivalent policy in place as we will not be able to refund the insurance should you later find this to be the case.

What are the ages of those wanting insurance?

Your whole group has to take insurance if you add it, but we need to know how many are minors and how many are 18 years and over on the date of departure.

Deposit Payment

Your Tour Advisor will advise you of the deposit required for the tour. We invoice one single deposit from the school for the group as a whole.

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