Berlin WW2 History Tour

Explore the origins of WW2 and the rise of fascism in Germany. Our tours visit the Reichstag Building and we hear about the final days in the Bunker, as well as learning about the Holocaust and the resistance to the Nazis among ordinary Germans.


School WW2 History Tour to Berlin

Our WW2 history tours to Berlin explore the rise of the Nazi Party from its roots in Munich to Hitler’s ascent to become German Chancellor.  By visiting key locations we trace the events of the period including the Reichstag Fire and Bebelplatz book burnings of 1933, Kristallnacht in 1938, and Hitler’s downfall in the Führerbunker in April 1945.  At Wannsee Conference House we visit the room where in 1942 Himmler and Heidrich decided on the Final Solution for Europe’s Jews. Outside the city we visit Sachsenhausen Concentration camp and at Potsdam can see the room where the last Allied conference of the Second World War took place.

Suggested Itinerary

The itinerary featured here is intended to give you inspiration and an idea of what you could do on your tour. Your trip will be created individually by one of our travel advisors to match your requirements and budget.

Day 1

Flight to Berlin. Walking Tour and Berlin TV Tower

Flight to Berlin: On arrival you will be met by a private coach and transfer to your hotel for check-in. From here you continue into the city centre where you will have a guided Berlin walking tour.

Walking Tour: Your walking tour commences at the Brandenburg Gate which from 1961 until 1989 marked the division between East and West Berlin. You then continue to the Holocaust Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe. Close by is the site of Hitler’s Fuhrer Bunker. Nothing now remains above ground except a car park and anonymous flats, but you can stand at the actual site and hear about the last days spent inside the Bunker. You continue to Wilhelmstrasse, once the most important street in Berlin during the Nazi era. Goering’s Air Ministry building still stands, exactly as it was in 1945 (minus the swastikas and eagles) and now houses the German Finance Ministry. Finally, you reach Checkpoint Charlie, the famous crossing point between East and West Berlin when the city was divided. Little now remains of the actual American check post but there is a small replica hut in the middle of the road.

Berlin TV Tower: Before dinner this evening you take a trip to the top of the Berlin TV Tower for a spectacular view of the city.


Day 2

Topography of Terror, Olympic Stadium and Reichstag Building

Topography of Terror: This morning you visit the Topography of Terror, a museum and memorial to the victims of Nazi rule. The museum stands on the former site of the Gestapo and Reich Security Office. The museum opened in 2010 and examines the history of the location as well as the institutions of terror of the Nazi government district and the crimes committed all over Europe.

Olympic Stadium: This afternoon you visit the Olympic Stadium for a guided tour. The stadium was used for the 1936 Berlin Olympics when American sprinter Jesse Owens won four gold medals in front of Adolf Hitler. It was subsequently refurbished and hosted the 2006 World Cup Final between France and Italy.

Reichstag Building: After dinner you visit the Reichstag Building, the seat of the German Parliament to see the spectacular glass dome which was designed by the British architect Norman Foster. You can explore the dome and also hear about the workings of the German Parliament. The tour gives access to the roof of the Reichstag for views across the city.


Day 3

German Historical Museum and Wannsee Conference House

German Historical Museum: This morning you have a guided tour at the German Historical Museum (the DHM) which documents German history going back over 1000 years.

NB. The German Historical Museum is currently undergoing extensive remodelling and the main exhibitions will not reopen until 2026.  Until then, a range of temporary exhibitions will be offered.

Wannsee Conference House: In the afternoon you visit Wannsee Conference House which was the scene of the Final Solution Conference attended by Heidrich, Eichmann and other leading Nazis to settle the so-called Jewish Question in Europe. There is a detailed exhibition which charts the rise of the Nazis and you can stand in the room where the short conference took place and see the original documents.


Day 4

German Resistance Centre and Sachsenhausen

German Resistance Memorial Centre:  This morning you visit the German Resistance Memorial Centre which remembers those who had the courage to stand up to Hitler and the Nazis. The building was originally a German military headquarters which survived the war intact. Claus von Stauffenberg, who attempted to assassinate Hitler, had his office here. The centre also has exhibits documenting the Edelweiss Pirates, and also the White Rose group which saw young Munich university students publish and distribute pamphlets attacking Hitler and the Nazis, and for which many of them faced execution.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp:  In the afternoon you visit Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Built in the summer of 1936, Sachsenhausen was initially used to remove ‘antisocial’ elements from the city when Berlin hosted the Olympic Games. During the Third Reich more than 200,000 people were interned here by the Nazis, and many thousands were murdered. Sachsenhausen differed to Auschwitz in that the victims were mainly political opponents of the Nazi regime.

Flight Home:  You transfer to the airport for your flight back home



berlin tv tower

Berlin TV Tower

reichstag dome

Reichstag Dome


Berlin Olympic Stadium


Topography of Terror


Holocaust Memorial


Potsdam Conference House


Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp


Wannsee Conference House


Sony Centre


Berlin Jewish Museum


Brandenburg Gate


German Resistance Museum


Grunewald Railway Station


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