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Literary Tours

Britain is the perfect destination to visit and explore for your school’s literary tour. Your itinerary will visit some of the country’s most famous towns and cities, landmarks firmly cemented in the history of time by some of the greatest writers to have put pen to paper.  

William Shakespeare is arguably the most celebrated author in the English language, and we can visit his historical hometown of Stratford upon Avon, charming, steeped in culture, and set in the beautiful and rural Warwickshire countryside. Performances of his plays are scheduled on Thursdays and Saturdays at the Royal Shakespeare Theater, and this could be included in your tour. You may wish to visit the ancient city of Bath, with its Roman Baths, or even Dorchester, which is in the heart of the West Country and home to the great author Thomas Hardy. We could even take you to the surfer’s town of Torquay, home of course to the Queen of Thriller herself, Agatha Christie. There are annual events and festivals to celebrate her life, and the characters she created such as Poirot and Miss Marple. if you would like to see some of England’s other beautiful coastlines, then we can take you on a journey to the South coast to visit Portsmouth, which was the birthplace of the literary genius Charles Dickens, who spent much of his life writing in both London and Kent. In the North of England, why not visit Haworth in West Yorkshire, which is where we will discover the home of the Bronte sisters from 1820-1861. Today their home is a museum that will provide an insight into the lives of these literary masters.

Alternatively you may choose to focus your tour on a more modern literary theme, and we can take you further north to the Scottish city of Edinburgh, to the famous café and restaurant that was used by J.K Rowling as the birthplace for her world famous character Harry Potter. She wrote many of her earlier novels in the back room overlooking the majestic Edinburgh Castle. Your tour experience will be a wonderful opportunity to see and explore some of Britain’s most beautiful towns and cities and bring to life some of its greatest authors.