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Language Tours

Your school’s overseas language tour is an excellent opportunity to immerse your student group in a local foreign cultural experience, but most importantly to improve and practise their own language skills.

Our educational language tours can be operated all year round and we can include structured lessons taught by local professional teachers at the level of learning suitable for your school student group. There are a wide variety of worldwide destinations that are extremely popular with schools when planning their custom-designed language tour, and these could include visiting the magnificent cities of Rome or Milan in Italy, Berlin or Munich in Germany, or perhaps Paris or Bordeaux in France.

We can base your tour around a well-known capital city, or perhaps you may wish you focus your language tour in smaller and quieter town which will allow your school students the opportunity to enjoy an authentic foreign language experience, living the life as a local rather than just a tourist. We can tailor-make the tour to include an exciting range of sightseeing which would be built around the language elements of the tour to add variety and excitement.

Your school’s overseas language tour will be an enriching educational experience for all your participants that will delight and inspire them in equal measure.