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Vietnam Trips

Vietnam has a fascinating history which spans its Imperial past, French colonial rule and of course the defining war with the United States

Often associated in many peoples minds with only the Vietnam War, the country in fact has a rich and vibrant history dating from its grandiose Imperial past.  Cities such as Hue and Hoi An possess architectural treasures to rival any in the region, and the natural wonders of Halong Bay and Sapa richly complement the human achievements.

Inevitably the wartime era will be of interest to historians and our tours can learn about this period, exploring among other things the network of tunnels which the VC used to evade US forces. We can also visit the mausoleum of the revered leader Ho Chi Minh.

A trip to Vietnam can easily be combined with Cambodia in order to visit the famed temple complex at Angkor Wat and the Killing Fields Museum in Phnom Penh.