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Brazil Trips

Brazil is a vast country which offers incredible diversity from Amazon to Savannah, from wetlands to tropical beaches.

Most people who think of Brazil think of the miles of golden sandy beaches around Rio de Janeiro, and the great diversity of wildlife in the Amazon rain forest.  While these are undoubtedly highlights of any tour, there is much, much more to see if you can venture off the beaten track. The vast expanse of the Pantanal savannah and wetlands is a unique environment and one in which, if lucky, you may see the rare Pantanal jaguar.  Equally the startling scenery of the Chapada Diamantina National Park is reminiscent of the Lost World.

On any trip to Brazil you learn pretty quickly that it is a big country, almost continental in scale. To visit its far flung regions requires a lot of travelling and the only practical way to do this is by air.   When planning any trip to Brazil, this has to be taken into account, both from a time and cost perspective.

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