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Bay of Naples Tour

The region around the city of Naples which lies in the shadow of Vesuvius is one of the most geologically active in Europe. Complemented by the beautiful scenery of the Amalfi coast, this is a superb tour for your students.

Here are more details of a sample tour as a starting point, but at Kipling Tours, we can customize any program just for you.

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  • Day 1

    Depart from home

    Today you depart on your flight to Naples. Flights can be arranged from your chosen departure airport

  • Day 2

    Arrive in Naples

    Today you arrive in Naples where you will be met on arrival by your guide to visit the archaeological museum with its Roman and Greek sculpture. You then transfer to your hotel in the beautiful town of Sorrento, your base for the next few nights. In the evening enjoy a relaxing stroll around the town with its vibrant cafes and restaurants.

  • Day 3

    Phlegrean Fields, Pozzuoli & Herculaneum

    This morning you have a guided excursion to the Phlegrean Fields, a large volcanic area comprising an 8-mile-wide caldera located on the western outskirts of Naples and the Gulf of Pozzuoli. You will be able to see cinder cones, tuff rings and calderas that have been periodically active over the past 35,000 years. In the afternoon you will see some of the historical sites of Pozzuoli including the Roman amphitheater, one of the largest in Italy, and the Temple of Serapis. You also visit Herculaneum, buried in mud in the same cataclysm that destroyed Pompeii and whose ruins reveal a vanished civilization.

  • Day 4

    Vesuvius & Pompeii

    This morning you start with an exciting hike to the summit of Vesuvius. Standing next to the crater's edge you may see steaming vents, a reminder that while Vesuvius is quiet today, it is just taking a geological nap. The last eruption was in 1944, and it is only a matter of when, not if, it will erupt again. You can hike around the crater rim and get some spectacular views of Naples and the Bay. In the afternoon you head to the famous Roman ruins at Pompeii, which give a fascinating glimpse into Roman life before the eruption of 79 AD which buried it under a thick layer of pumice and ash.

  • Day 5


    Today is a full day visit to the beautiful island of Capri. You travel by hydrofoil from Sorrento for the 30-minute sea crossing. Unlike the other islands in the Bay, Capri is comprised of limestone and used to be joined to mainland Italy’s Amalfi Coast, but over many thousands of years the link was eroded by the sea. Tourism is the mainstay of the economy now, but there is also agriculture with vineyards, olive groves and citrus fruits.
    You will see the world-famous sea stacks and natural arch by its impressive cliffs and have a gelato in the elegant cafes of Marina Grande.

  • Day 6

    Amalfi Coast

    Today is spent on the Sorrento peninsular exploring the beautiful Amalfi Coast with its famous towns such as Positano.

  • Day 7

    Travel Home

    This morning you travel by private coach to Naples Airport for the homeward flight, or else continue your journey in Italy, perhaps visiting Rome or Sicily

Prices start from

$2495 for a 7 day tour

Including a tour manager, all admissions and good quality hotels. Prices are based on East Coast departures. Contact us for a customized program and quote which includes flights from other departure cities.

includes flights

  • Hotel Zi Teresa

    Delightful 3 star hotel with swimming pool in Sorrento

    Located in Sorrento, the Hotel Zi Teresa is the perfect base to discover the archeological and geological wonders of the Bay of Naples and the beautiful scenery of the Amalfi coast.

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