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Tours to Germany

Germany’s history in the twentieth century has been turbulent, and our tours delve into the period of fascism and its aftermath with the Cold War

The rise of the Nazi party in the 1930’s  was centered in Bavaria and in particular the towns of Munich and Nuremberg where the Nazi party held many of its rallies. In nearby Obersalzburg Hitler had his wartime retreat, the Berghof, and it was also in this area that the Party bought him the Eagles Nest villa, which still stands today. Berlin was the setting for the collapse of the Nazi state and the subsequent division of Germany and the city itself.  Many reminders remain of the Wall which encircled the western side of the city and various museums and exhibitions document both the Nazi atrocities and the Cold War which follow.

Sample tours

Here are some sample programs as a starting point, but at Kipling Tours, we can customize any program just for you. Call or email us to start planning your trip.

  • from $1895 per person 7 days includes flights view full trip >

    Berlin History Tour

    Our Berlin History Tour examines both war time and post-war Berlin. We can visit Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the Wannsee House where the Final Solution conference took place in 1942. The division of the city during the Cold War is also examined at the fascinating Checkpoint Charlie museum.

    • Berlin Wall
    • Wannsee House
    • Sachsenhausen
  • from $1795 per person 6 days includes flights view full trip >

    Berlin Art Tour

    Berlin is a vibrant and exciting city where alternative art is the mainstream. As well as the traditional galleries of 'Museum Island' there are many modern galleries which display the latest of the New Wave.

    • Old National Gallery
    • Pergamon Museum
    • Hamburger Gallery