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Tours to Austria

Austria has a fascinating history which will be of great relevance to those studying both the First and Second World wars.  Prior to the outbreak of WW1 the Austrian Habsburg Empire was one of the major European powers and governed a vast swathe of territory stretching from parts of France to the Balkans to Eastern Ukraine. The assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914 was the catalyst for the start of WW1 and the Kaiser Franz Joseph’s fateful decision to enter the war effectively ended centuries of Habsburg rule. Austria’s history is also critically linked to the events leading up to the Second World War, when the Anschluss annexed the country to Germany.  Defeat resulted in occupation and the country was reborn in 1955 as a neutral republic following the Austrian State Treaty. This has lasted to this day, witnessed by the fact that Austria is not a member of NATO or any other military alliance.

Austria also offers exceptional opportunities for art students. The artists Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele both worked in Vienna at the turn of the last century and produced iconic work which can be seen in the Belvedere and Vienna’s Museum of Art.   For Music students, Vienna and Salzburg are intricately linked with Mozart and there are exceptional opportunities for performance tours with first class venues.

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  • from $1895 per person 6 days includes flights view full trip >

    Vienna Art Tour

    Although better known for its music, Vienna has some wonderful opportunities to combine art with the imperial splendours of the Hapsburg Empire including the Palace of Schonbrunn and the Belvedere.

    • Klimt
    • Schonbrunn
    • The Belvedere
  • from $1895 per person 6 days includes flights view full trip >

    Vienna History Tour

    The Hapsburg Empire of Austria-Hungary was one of the most significant players in the events of the First World War and the capital city of Vienna displays a grandeur befitting a country which ruled over a vast swathe of Europe and which repulsed the Ottoman Turks.

    • Schonbrunn
    • Vienna Military Museum
    • Vienna History Museum