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Trips to Australia

Australia is both a country and continent.  It’s a young, fun and adventurous country to visit and worth every minute of the long flight.  Besides its incredible natural beauty, the country’s historic relationship with Britain makes it the perfect destination for a sports tour, whether cricket, rugby, football or netball.  Our tours can be based in one region or you can travel to a number of cities.  Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney can easily be combined, and in a longer trip we can also visit Adelaide and Brisbane.  We can also travel north to the beautiful Gold Coast with its beautiful beaches. Some groups will even continue travelling further to visit Cairns in Queensland where you can explore the spectacular Barrier Reef. The Northern territories are also the ideal region to see Australia’s indigenous Aboriginal people, many of whom continue to live in the traditional tribal way. For longer tours, there is a vast interior desert within Australia known as the Outback, home to many unique and unusual animals, including the kangaroo, the duck-billed platypus, koala, as well as wallabies, and the dingoes.