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Nepal Tours

Few visitors arriving in the capital city of Kathmandu for the first time can fail to be excited by the frenetic  scene which greets them. Hindu and Buddhist temples sit side by side while Sadhu holymen beg for alms and Tibetan monks chant their prayers. But Kathmandu is also easy on the tourist and the lively streets of the Thamel district with the western bars, restaurant and book shops create a surreal, almost Bohemian atmosphere.

Nepal is the ultimate Himalayan destination, the place where trekking began and the home of the world’s highest peaks.  There are numerous opportunities for mountain travel, whether a long Himalayan trek or an easy sight seeing trip.  Nepal is also a paradise for white water rafting, with some of the world’s best rivers to be found here.

Nepal has a range of wildlife parks. In the jungles of the southern Terai is the world famous Chitwan National Park where you can go on Elephant rides in the hope of seeing the elusive Tigers.

Whatever your aims and aspirations, Nepal can offer the perfect educational opportunity.