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Japan Trips

Japan is one of the most unique, misunderstood, modern and yet historical countries in the world. From the busy and bustling cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, to the tranquility of the Zen Buddhist Gardens and serenity of the temples, this Asian country has so much to offer every visitor, which will surprise and delight you in equal measure.

Your trip will take you to the modern capital city to see the timeless and traditional geisha houses, or the modern hi-tech districts and then enjoy the exhilarating journey at breath-taking speeds on Japanese Bullet trains, and then staying in a traditional ryokan at night-time, and enjoying an authentic and delicious sushi evening dinner.  One of the iconic and natural symbols of japan is of course the magnificent Mount Fuji, and our adventure will take us to the ‘fifth station’ to enjoy 360 degree panoramic views!  When on tour be sure to experience and immerse yourself in a traditional Japanese hot spring bath which is the perfect way to relax after a fun filled and busy day exploring Japan.