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Trips to Bhutan

Situated in a remote location between India and China, the mountain Kingdom of Bhutan is one of Asia’s most elusive destinations. Difficult of access and with strict entry requirements, only a relative handful of westerners venture to this alluring corner of the Himalaya where tradition is revered and modernity treated with caution.  Indeed television only came to Bhutan within the past decade.  Besides being a fantastic place to go trekking in the mountains, Bhutan also has many fascinating towns with ancient monasteries, and where the local people live a life that has changed little in two centuries.

Typically the only sensible way to reach Bhutan is by air from one of either Kathmandu, Delhi or Bangkok and we would recommend combining a visit to Bhutan with some time spent in one or other of these gateway countries.  A good combination, for example, would be to spend a few days in Nepal before flying to Bhutan. Alternatively you could go one way via Kathmandu and return via Bangkok to create a truly varied and unique tour.

It goes without saying that Bhutan is not a typical destination for a school tour but for those who make the effort it is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding.